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General Information

General Information:

The colour of enamelled items may vary slightly to that shown in the photograph but this will be due to the graphics.

Please bear in mind that enamel is glass fused to metal and some care does need to be taken. If a piece is dropped on a hard surface or knocked a stress fracture may occur but not become evident until some time later. Candleholders should be warmed a little to make removing wax easier and then washed using warm soapy water and dried using a soft cloth or kitchen roll.  Not suitable for scourers or any other abrasive cleaning method.  Not suitable for dishwashers. 

Enamel items are unsuitable for very young children.

Please be aware that all the images on this website belong to Chart Lane Enamels and should not be reproduced in any way without the express persmission of Chart Lane Enamels